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Personalised Gift Clocks

Still searching for the perfect gift for your colleague, family member or special someone? Something that they'll actually use? Our range of personalised clocks for sale are perfect for a variety of occasions. We can personalise your clock however you like. The ideas below are provided as inspiration; examples of what other clients have decided to go with when they buy personalised clocks online with Clock Central. From subtle commemorative messages to completely customised background images, the choice is yours. If choosing an image as opposed to a message, simply send the artwork to us as per the ordering instructions below - it's that easy to buy gift clocks that are true one-offs.

We are able to ship our personalised clocks Australia wide, so you can order online and enjoy delivery to your door no matter where you are. Read the ideas and instructions below to get started.

Add writing to clocks

Clocks Personalisation

Some ideas:

  • Add names to your clock
  • Put on a significant date
  • Create a personalised message
  • A lot of our customers use personalised clocks for wedding presents, birthday presents, anniversarys, and other gift occasions


Add images, logos to clocks

Clocks Personalisation

  • Include pictures
  • Company logos
  • Great for corporate gifts
  • A lot of companies contact us to fit out their offices with their logo on the clocks


Other Personalisation Ideas

Please visit the COBB & Co. Clocks website for more personalisation ideas


How to order

  1. Click on a clock from our selection below
  2. In the "Personalised Clock Face" field, enter the message you would like on the clock face
  3. If you would like to put an image or a logo on the clock, write instructions in the Personalised Clock Face field, and email the photo to info@clockcentral.com.au
  4. Place your order as normal. Please allow an addition 5-7 days for delivery time. Please contact us if you need the clock by a certain date so we can do our best to meet your requirements
  5. If you have any questions, please contact us on (03) 9018 5149 or email us

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  1. PERSONALISED Medium Railway clock


    The medium railway clock measures in at 32cm wide, Golden Oak Color and available with Arabic or Roman numerals.

    Learn More
  2. PERSONALISED Large Railway clock


    The large railway clock measures in at 40cm wide, it comes in two stunning colours, and available with Arabic or Roman numerals. Personalisation available.

    Learn More
  3. PERSONALISED Small Railway clock


    This stunning railway clock measures in at 28cm (11 inches) wide, is finished in a stunning Golden Oak color, and features Arabic and Roman Numeral clock faces.

    Learn More
  4. COBB & Co. Mahogany Chrome Wall Clock, Roman Numerals 32cm

    Regular Price: $159.00

    Special Price $139.95

    This wall clock features a Mahogany timber, with a chrome coloured bezel. Choose between Arabic and Roman numerals, and available with personalisation. Learn More
  5. PERSONALISED Large Pendulum Chime Clock

    The quality polished wood finish and stunning size makes the pendulum clock a perfect complement to both traditional and modern interiors and decor. Available in three colours, with Roman or Arabic numerals, and with a personalised clock face. Learn More
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5 Item(s)